The most popular caskets in New Zealand are made of custom-wood (used in 95% cases). The production process for custom-wood requires many chemicals, and a large amount of energy. The custom-wood product may be cheap and easily obtainable but at a high price to the environment.

We have offered a Star system to show you, in our opinion, how environmentally friendly each choice is.

           Very poor on the environment
         Below average on the environment
      Above average on the environment
  Very environmentally friendly

We are now able to source an acceptable standard of cardboard casket, while the process of making cardboard isn’t the most environmentally best option; for some people the simplicity of the appearance of cardboard is what they are trying to achieve.
Customwood with Vinyl Veneer
The customwood casket is the most popular material for making caskets, it is easily obtainable, and is a cheaply mass produced option readily available for casket manufacture. The vinyl veneer is available in many different styles and colours; this example is Mahogany.  It is made by using a great deal of energy and contains many chemical resins.  Not the best for the environment. 
Painted Customwood
The painted customwood casket is growing in popularity as it is easily obtainable and the painted finish is of extremely high quality; people can request any colour known, it is an example of allowing people to show individuality at their funeral. It is made by using a great deal of energy and contains many chemical resins.  Not the best for the environment.
Traditional Solid Wood
Traditional solid caskets are made of Rimu, Mahogany and American Oak and are produced in small amounts.  They are normally finished with a high gloss and are ornate with metal handles; this example is Rimu. The wood is all grown in New Zealand and is produced under strict controls to ensure that native timbers are protected from over milling.
Radiata Pine
The untreated radiata pine caskets come from a renewable resource supporting our local economy. The timber is sourced from Rob and Elizabeth Green, the timber is supplied from their own land in Manawatu and the caskets are milled and produced on site.  No chemicals have been used on their property. The pine casket is available in 2 styles; shaped or rectangular.  The casket is able to be carried by rope handles.  The lining is made of untreated calico and is of simple appearance.
Other Options

TenderRest Caskets

Materials used are 100% eco and do not use any toxic glues or finishes.  The pine ply comes from Wairarapa FSC certified forests, and the paperboard from Carter Holt Harvey is recycled pulp with no toxic chemicals.

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TenderRest Conifer

Natural unfinished pine

TenderRest Deco Original

Strong pine inner, wrapped in a natural

paperboard outer.

TenderRest Deco Best Dressed

Fabric finish, cream linen, dark pinstripe

(as shown) or choose your own fabric.

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Offer options made from plantation grown wood, and timbers from sustainably managed native forests.  Environmental considerations include material choice, assembly options, handles, finishes, and using less material to make the caskets.


Strong plywood construction


Certified sustainably harvested NZ Rimu

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