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Our own funeral marks the end of our call on the earths resources and, just as in life, involves a number of choices which can impact, to a greater or lesser degree, on the environment. These choices include whether or not to embalm, the type of casket to use, and  burial or cremation.

Many people today are becoming more aware on how they impact on the environment; this has led to more people wanting to consider the way they leave this world and how this will impact on the environment.

Some people may choose to have a ‘Natural Burial’ in the purest sense of the word, some people want to personalise their funerals and yet will want to consider how their choices impact on the environment.

This website wishes to explain the options available to you, and give you information that will ensure your choices are well informed.  We hope that you will then be able to make your choices while giving consideration to the impact on the environment.