Costs associated with natural burials

Our Professional Service Fee: This is our main fee for customers, and covers the overheads of running our business, staff salaries, ongoing professional training and development of staff, rent, power, rates etc.

In respect to this we carry out the following on your behalf:

Personal attendance to receive instructions concerning funeral, directing funeral in the greater Wellington region including Kāpiti. We arrange the collection of medical papers and filing of the appropriate legal forms with the authorities, including the sexton at the cemetery, we will ensure all of your wishes are carry out and will work with you over the days between the death and burial service, use of our facilities and provision of 24-hour care.

Our Minimum Fee

$3870.00 GST Inc

Meeting with you to arrange the Natural Burial
This includes the time to gather the information required to
complete gather the information to understand fully what
we will be providing and what you as a family will be
doing yourselves

$775.00 GST Inc

Processing of Council forms and booking the burial

$275.00 GST Inc

Registering the death with Births Deaths, And Marriages

$375.00 GST Inc

Transportation from the place of death to the funeral home

$370.00 GST Inc

Use of hearse on the day of the funeral

$410.00 GST Inc

Refrigeration at the funeral home – If required

$56.25 per day GST Inc

Cool Care Blanket Per day

$95.00 per day GST Inc

Saturday/Sunday funeral fees

$575.00 GST Inc

Public Holidays

$750.00 GST Inc

Chapel Hire
We have chapels available in Kāpiti, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt,
Kilbirnie, Newtown, and Johnsonville, our chapels have the
ability to live stream services.

$945.00 GST Inc

Other Costs

Other costs may include Newspaper Death notices, flowers, catering etc, but you have the ability to organise and pay for these things yourself or we can pay these and add them to the funeral account.

Makara Natural Burial Cemetery (Wellington City Council Operated Cemetery)

Plot Purchase

$1,737.00 GST Inc

Cemetery Maintenance Fee

$805.00 GST Inc

Interment Fee

$1,219.00 GST Inc

Natural Burial donation

$344.00 GST Inc

Grave Marker

$202.00 GST Inc

If you do not live in the Wellington City Council’s
Rating area the council will charge an out of district fee

$1,358.00 GST Inc

Ōtaki Natural Burial Cemetery (Kāpiti Coast District Council operated Cemetery)

Plot Purchase and Interment Fee

$3,849.00 GST Inc

Natural Burial Donation

$344.00 GST Inc

Grave Marker

$202.00 GST Inc

If you do not live in the Kāpiti District the
council will charge an out of district

$2,406.00 GST Inc

If you would like the burial to occur on a
Saturday morning the council will charge an extra

$2,469.00 GST Inc

We will provide you with an estimate at the time the arrangements are made with you and within 24-48 hours we will also email you a full breakdown of the expenses you are incurring.

Financial transparency is import  to us and our promise to you is that we will keep you fully informed of the costs you are incurring every step of the way. We work on the principal of no surprises in relation to the costs of our funerals.


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