Natural Burials

The natural burial process uses a plot of land which have been designed specifically for natural burials, it differs from other burial plots. 

The natural burial cemetery is different from other parts of the cemetery. Being buried at this site entails acceptance of the central concept and its consequences, and the following essential components.

No embalming

People buried on this site must not be embalmed. This is to speed up the natural processes of returning the body and its nutrients to the soil, and to reduce the amount of artificial and toxic chemicals and materials we introduce to the soil.

Burial in the upper soil layers

The deceased will be buried as close to, or within, the active soil layer as possible. Depth will vary according to the soil conditions. Plots will be part refilled with compost to help enrich the soil.


A native tree will be planted at the head or base of the plot. You can choose from a dozen nursery plants. These trees are the basic building blocks of a native habitat restoration programme. Over time, other trees will be planted over and around the plot. To improve survival, trees for plots will NOT be planted by the Council in summer. 

Placenta burial

There is currently no provision for placenta burial at the site. This may be changed in the future. Please contact us for alternatives.


Disinterment is discouraged for three reasons:

1) After some years, it is unlikely that much or anything remains of bodies to recover and move.

2) We will need to uproot trees to access and dig the plot, setting back the restoration process.

3) The wishes of the deceased to be buried at this specific type of cemetery should be respected.

We are specialists in allowing families to choose the
best possible way to arrange a natural burial. 


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